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The Engineering Insurance plan has been specially designed for our clients who have businesses comprising of operations that deal with heavy equipments and machineries. The purchase of these equipment and machineries involves huge investment, and any kind of loss or damage to them can be extremely costly. If this equipment is not insured, the damages done to them may cause businesses to go bankrupt. 

Since these businesses deal with heavy investment, we have multiple detailed and comprehensive plans that for our clients, based on their needs in order to provide them with wide variety of options and to completely secure their investments.


Some of the most comprehensive policies we offer include: 

Contractor's All Risks (CAR)

Under this plan, Doha Insurance offers its clients coverage to all types of construction projects that includes roads, fly-over, buildings etc. This plan protects the clients against all kind of loss or damage to the property of the project. 

Erection All Risks (EAR)

This plan aims to cover our client against all types of risks that are associated with testing, erection, commissioning of plant, equipment and machinery during the various stages of construction.

Machinery Breakdown (MB)

Our clients who opt in for this plan get insured against all kind of damages done to the machinery and equipment as a result of:

  • Short-circuit, 
  • Accidental physical loss or damage 
  • Safety devices malfunction
  • Defects in structure, material or assembly
  • Collision or fall
  • Fatigue, loosened parts, excessive speed  


Electronics Equipment (EEI)

This policy broadly covers all the electronic equipments officially in use by the employees or workers of the organization. The coverage offered by this plan includes:

  • Any damage or physical loss to the equipment
  •  Damage to the external data media and any information contained in it
  • Any substitute equipment used due to the damage of the former equipment

Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance

This plan provides protection against any sudden damage done to the plant or machinery at the site it is officially supposed to be placed at. 

In addition, to facilitate our valuable clients further, Doha Insurance also offers the following policies that can be discussed with our experts anytime:

  • Electronics & Computer Hardware / Software Insurance
  • Electronics & Computer Equipment Insurance
  • Machinery Loss of Profit
  • Deterioration of Stock

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