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Fire Insurance

Doha Insurance is definitely one of the most prominent players in the industry that has come up with the most comprehensive policies to ensure the valuable properties and worthy investment of our clients is well-protected.

Our fire insurance programs cover a wide range of properties that includes:

  •     Residential.
  •     Industrial.
  •     Commercial.
  •     Small, Medium & Large enterprises.


There are 7 insurance plans being offered to our valuable clients under Fire Insurance:  

All our policies are highly competitive and they all encompass features that no other company offers. Keeping your assets protected and ensuring that you are not given 100% coverage without any hidden clauses, we work with you to keep your business up and running!  

  •     Fire Insurance – Burglary and Theft

  •     Property All Risks

  •     Office Multi cover Insurance

  •     House Holder’s Insurance

  •     Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

  •     Business Interruption

  •     Personal Accident Insurance

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