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The employees of any company are definitely its most precious asset. Regardless of how safe the working conditions may be, accidents can occur and they can’t be avoided. Besides, an injury or a disease always come uninvited and to deal with them often requires lots of money that your staff may find difficult to afford. In such cases, financial protection of your respective assets that includes a comprehensive worker benefit plan is essential in order to attract and retain better staff. It would also make sure your employees feel more secure and stress-free. With us, your employees would know that their employers care!

At Doha Insurance, we take great pride in ourselves upon working closely with our clients to understand their needs precisely, coming up with solutions that they appreciate and giving them the service that is of the highest quality possible.

We have carefully devised Health Insurance policy for our clients who are looking to get the most comprehensive health insurance plan for their organizations and valuable employees. So regardless of how big or small your organization is, Doha Insurance offers customized plan for everyone that covers:

  •     Group Term Life.
  •     Accidental Death.
  •     Temporary Disability.
  •     Emergency medical repatriation.
  •     Occupation that may pose High Risk to the staff (For example, construction engineers, security guards, film crew, journalists, mining and surveying etc).
  •     Offshore workers.
  •     Flight & ship crew.


Additional benefits our membership provides to our clients include:

  •     Maternity coverage with no waiting period to the annual limit.
  •     Pre-existing and chronic medical conditions coverage to the annual limit.
  •     Medical expenses that occurs due to work related injuries and illness completely covered.
  •     No lower limit on members who desire to move to a different product category.

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