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Do not allow any of your plans to get washed away due to any unforeseen event anymore. Once you partner with us, you sail your way smoothly into the wide ocean enjoying a relaxing time cruising along the coast with your friends & family!

With Yacht Insurance offered to you by the most reputable company in the industry you no longer need to worry about any storm in the sea as Doha Insurance is here to take care of all your apprehensions associated with any tragedy or misfortune that may occur to your yacht and its belonging amidst a rough sea.

We offer a customized plan to you that allow you to sail with Doha Insurance in the most stressed free manner, while you get entitled to complete coverage against any damage or loss caused to boat, machinery and trailer, theft either at sea, kept on land, whilst moored, or in transit.

There are number of options you may discuss with our experts anytime that have been designed carefully to meet your needs and budget. Some of the options we offer to you include:

  • Comprehensive Cover.
  • Third Party Liability Only.
  • Personal Accident.

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