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At Doha Insurance, we provide comprehensive motor insurance coverage to corporate, businesses and any small, medium or large enterprises to meet their motor vehicle insurance coverage needs.   We understand there is a high risk involved when you have a large fleet of motor vehicle, after all it takes up a huge amount of your investment and any damage can be very costly. Hence, we take into consideration all sorts of threats to your commercially owned vehicles and we work hard to find innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs within the budget they can easily afford. So whether your business comprises a single vehicle or it is a large fleet of vehicles, we have no minimum or maximum requirements. We provide you customized solutions to ensure your business functions at par without any damage threats.  

The wide range of vehicles that are covered in our insurance policy includes:

Bus, Coaches and Minibus:

  • School buses.
  • Community transport.
  • Education institutes own vehicles.
  • Vehicles used for sports and entertainment purpose.
  • Taxi.
  • Mobile shops.
  • Food vans.



  • Vehicles used to transport own goods.
  • Parcel delivery vehicles.
  • Vehicle used for official purpose.


Car Fleet:

There are in total two carefully devised insurance policies being offered at Doha Insurance:

  • Motor Compulsory Insurance (Third Party Liability) individually/ fleet.
  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance) individually/ fleet.


Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance) Individually/Fleet:

Our comprehensive insurance plan aims to protect you against all sort of theft, physical damage to the car, bodily injury of the passenger of the car and in addition to this; it also covers third-party liability.

The prominent coverage it offers includes:

  • Free Repair (first year only).
  • Third Party Liabilities Coverage.
  • No deductible on spare parts (first year only).
  • Coverage for Own Damage.
  • All Passengers Medical coverage related to the accident.
  • Comprehensive Road-Side assistance .


Third Party Insurance:

Third Party Insurance covers:

  • Coverage and compensation in respect to injury to other people (including your passengers) resulting from accident that has occurred due to your fault.
  • Damage or loss to other peoples' property resulting from an accident that has occurred due to your fault.

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